Your Story Disability Legal Support

Meet lawyer Amilee Myson  

Are you thinking of telling your story to the Disability Royal Commission?
I can help, I am the new lawyer for the Your Story Disability Legal Support Service.
I am based at Legal Aid WA.
I can provide legal advice and support to people thinking about making a submission to the Disability Royal Commission.
I work together with you and the advocates from DDWA to support you to tell your story.
What kind of legal things come up?

  • If you are worried or nervous about telling your story publicly I can give you advice about different, more private, ways you could tell your story
  • If you are thinking of reporting bad behaviour by a person or service, I can give you advice about confidentiality or defamation
  • If you have made complaints or taken legal action about a person or service already, I can give you advice about how you can still share your story safely
  • If you have other problems or issues, I can help you work out if they are legal and provide support

What is the Royal Commission doing?
The Royal Commission wants to hear your story so that it can understand what is going wrong and what needs to be fixed in the disability sector.
The Royal Commission knows that people with a disability face:

  • Exploitation: if someone is taking advantage of you
  • Neglect: if someone is not helping you the way they are supposed to
  • Abuse and Violence: if someone is hurting you or treating you badly

The Royal Commission will look at ways to stop people with disability from experiencing these things and make suggestions to the government.

If you want to talk
This service is free. Please feel free to give me a call on (08) 9261 6356. We can talk over the phone or we can meet in person or on Zoom. If you want to bring a support person, you are welcome to.

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