Why Restrictive Practice Rules? Implications on Provider Practice and Operations

Here we talk about the implications of the new rules on service providers and families, and what it means to stay mindful of good practices and meaningful outcomes. Co presented by Cindy Wieman.


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Additional Information:

On behalf of the ECSN team we wish to thank everyone who was able to attend the webinar on Monday 17 August ‘Why RP rules? Implications on Provider Practice and Operations’.

It was great to connect with so many of you in our first webinar exploring the implications of the Quality and Safeguarding Behaviour Support rules on providers and families.

One of the discussion points that came up and which we said we would provide clarification on is whether a current BSP needs to be uploaded to the NDIS portal by December 1. We have received clarification regarding this with the relevant points below:

For any existing BSP which include a RP prior to December 1 2020:

  • Existing BSPs do not need to be uploaded to the portal until they are reviewed or 12 months old (whichever comes first).
  • Reporting will not be required for existing RP which has a BSP until the BSP is reviewed.
  • The NDIS will ask providers to document and send in a form to them existing RPs in place within 3 months of roll in (1 December 2020). They will provide further info closer to the time on how this process will work.

The NDIS Commission have given guidance on reporting for RP captured in a BSP prior to December 1 2020, which we anticipate will be followed up in an information session for the sector once they occur. To summarise:

  • Providers should focus on getting a BSP completed for existing participants prior to December 1 with documentation of any RP and authorisation processes in place.
  • Implementing providers will inform the Commission of any existing RP in place within 3 months via a form the Commission will provide.
  • Behaviour practitioners do not need to submit a BSP for an existing participant until the plan is reviewed or 12 months from the current plan.
  • Implement providers do not need to report on the use of RP to the Commission for existing participants with a BSP until the plan is reviewed and therefore becomes a new plan.


The NDIS Commission behaviour support team can be contacted for further clarification at behavioursupport@ndiscommission.gov.au. You can also contact the ECSN team for discussion and clarification by calling 0419 322 499 or email ecsn@nulsengroup.com.au.

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