Supporting a family when an application for Guardianship has been made

Guardianship can be a tricky process for families and Support Coordinators. Families are often told from various avenues ‘you need to get Guardianship’, resulting in an application to the SAT (State Administration Tribunal).

As a Support Coordinator or provider of planning support for an individual or family where an application has been made, there are ways that you can contribute to supporting this being a fair and productive process.

This webinar will be presented by Maxine Drake, an advocate at Development Disability WA. She will discuss some new approaches and resources being developed to support individuals, families and the SAT to share information and reach the best outcomes. These strategies are available to SC’s and will be described in this webinar.


  • Click here to download the PowerPoint presentation from this webinar.
  • Click here to watch the Powerpoint presentation.


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