CARE Hub – Mental Health Support and Resources

The Western Australian Mental Health Association recently developed the Collaborative and Responsive Engagement (CARE) Hub which is dedicated to community mental health and practice.

We strongly encourage you to sign up to CARE Hub and check out what’s on offer. There’s potential to be involved in peer networks and discussion which can aid planning, support and services for people with psychosocial support needs.

CARE hub is available here and includes:

Free training – including Trauma Informed Practice, Safe Conversation Skills, Navigating Cultural Differences during Mental Health Engagement and Understanding Personal and Professional Boundaries.

Library – where resources, blogs and posts are added regularly within a range of topics including Culturally Secure Practice, Young People’s Mental Health and Co-occurring issues such as Alcohol and other Drugs.

Closed and open practice groups – which support practice reflection and collaboration as well as a platform for distribution of resources and information.

Check out the welcome video below to find out more.

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32 Burton Street, Cannington WA 6107

6253 4700