Building Service Capacity

Building the capacity of services for people with a disability, mental health and general health concerns.

Are you aware of the research, information and resources provided through the The Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry (3DN)?

If not, please take some time to have a look at what they do. As stated in their overview of their services…

“The Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry (3DN) was established by the Chair of Intellectual Disability Mental Health in 2009. The Chair is funded by Ageing Disability and Home Care, Family and Community Services NSW and the Mental Health Branch, NSW Ministry of Health.

3DN is part of the School of Psychiatry within UNSW Medicine. We champion the right of people with an intellectual or developmental disability to the same level of health and mental health care as the rest of the population. We promote a standard of excellence in clinical practice, research, workforce development, education and policy in the field of intellectual and developmental disability mental health”.

3DN provide a wealth of free information, online training and resources on a range of topics, particularly related to overarching issues for people with complex needs. I encourage you to explore their offerings, specifically in relation to:

  • Mental health and disability
  • Access to health services

For a general overview of their services you can access information here

You might also like to review a summary of their resources at this link here.

We continue to try and stay abreast of the work of 3DN and the value this brings to supporting individuals and families to access equitable and evidence based services. We will let you know of new resources they may develop into the future.

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