Building Sector Capacity

Wow a lot has happened in the Disability Sector and Positive Behaviour Support area in the last 4 years.

Back in 2016 research by the School of Business, University of Western Australia highlighted the importance of a whole of organisation adoption of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) which has a strong evidence base in the disability literature as an effective approach to addressing complex needs and improving the quality of life of people (when effectively implemented).

Due to the enormous changes since the Executive Summary “Positive Stories: An Exploratory Analysis of the Implementation of Positive Behaviour Support in the Western Australian Disability Sector”, was published, the research may not of reached some people who may find this of interest.

The Executive Summary “Positive Stories identifies the key factors found to be effective in the successful implementation of PBS and highlights how this approach is best enabled within an organisation.

The research highlights that the successful implementation of PBS is dependent on two factors,

  1. top down senior leadership commitment to set the direction for, and enactment of, organisational and service goals and the subsequent allocation of resources and
  2. ii) the bottom up creation and maintenance of service cultures that support creative solutions to complex issues and emphasise engagement with key stakeholders.

This paper is about designing services to better meet the needs of people with disability who may experience complex needs.

The full report is available on request by contacting Mike Cubbage. Lead Practitioner Exceptionally Complex Needs Program at m_cubbage

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